Firebase database sync with Sqlite

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asked Jan 12 by Pravesh Kumar Lamba

I am willing to develop an application in which i download users phone from firebase and match it with Phonebook to show the Common values...

My Design Approach is as Under :-

Repeat this when PhonebookUserRecord.Count() Changes But Run it Once during Signup


  1. Download user phone data from firebase in FireBaseUSER Array list
  2. Then Get all phone no from Phone Book and Then match it and Store it in a FinalPHONEdata Arraylist and also Store the NON match list in NONmatchUserPhone arraylist .

  3. Then Place the Data into SQLite data base ...


Display the data into List view from Sqlite the List view last updated data is displayed and as the Sqlite database updates , it shows the Newly available data..

Note : in Order to Run the Above Service user has to add a Phone book Contact...after he has signup

Pls Rectify if i am Wrong ....I am Beginner

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