Android BLE onCharacteristicChanged stopped triggered during work

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asked Jan 12 by David Raisfeld

I am developing android app with BLE communication. My app works great on Samsung galaxy S6, S7, LG G4, Xiaomi mi 5 and Samsung T810 tablet (and more devices). I got Huawei Honor 6X and tried my app, the App started working and after a time ( can be 10 seconds and can be 3 minutes) it stopped getting data from the Bluetooth.

I started debugging the app and saw when the problem occurs that the phone don't enter onCharacteristicChanged() on my BluetoothGattCallback (when the app works it does enter to onCharacteristicChanged() )

The device that I connect to is a device that I developed, also the LogCat is the same as before. I tried to remove battery optimization add trust application through EMUI 4.1.

I think it is not an application problem but an Honor bluetooth problem.

Any suggestions? Thanks! David

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